Peer-to-Peer Support

Match Program

The National Board Institute is in the process of developing a statewide network of accomplished teachers as defined by the distinguishment of National Board Certification with the purpose of leveraging National Board Certified Teachers’ (NBCTs) expertise as teacher leaders and connecting NBCTs with teachers of similar content areas who are engaging in pursuit of National Board Certification.

This expertise will also be leveraged at all intersections of the teaching career continuum, ensuring that pre-service, novice, and professional teachers have the resources they need to enhance accomplished teaching, to feel supported and remain in Nevada, to encourage them to persist in their pursuit along the career continuum, and to positively impact student achievement.

This in an innovative program, unique to Nevada, and encouraged at the national level for the significant impact this direct, one-on-one differentiated approach to teacher support can have on the profession, teachers, and students.

The Match Program achieves two main objectives:

Offers personalized guidance and support to candidates


Provides a leadership opportunity for existing NBCTs

Get Started

With our personalized approach, we make customized peer-to-peer matches throughout the state of Nevada.

Simply fill out the form, and using this information we will pair you with a mentor that matches your unique certificate area and development level.

Candidates can expect to be custom paired with an NBCT within their certificate area and developmental level after submitting the request form.

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