Supporting Nevada's Teachers

Teacher Support

The Institute supports teachers along all intersections of the teacher career continuum. Through our various supports, we have the capacity to reach teachers from Nevada’s 17 school districts, supporting equitable distribution of effective educators. These aims align with Nevada’s Every Student Succeeds Act Consolidated State Plan, the Nevada Ready! State Improvement Plan: Shifting to a New Nevada 2017-2021.

Effective teaching practices can occur along each intersection of the career continuum. Our differentiated supports and custom Match Program ensure that teachers receive the support they need; when the need it and wherever they are along the continuum.

Pre-Service Teacher

These are teachers in their last year of a college or university training program and are engaged in student teaching. At this level, pre-service teachers are building competency in their content area(s) through practice-based teaching. Pre-service teachers can request to be paired with a National Board Certified Teacher to provide guidance and support during the student teaching experience and during the transition to a full-time licensed teaching position. Mentorship and facilitated guidance have been shown to support teachers as they enter the profession and contribute to increased rates of retention and persistence.

Novice Teacher

These are teachers with up to three years of teaching experience. At this level, teachers are working to build experience and effectiveness through practice; embedding the National Board Standards and the Five Core Propositions into their planning and reflection. Through our Match Program, novice teachers can request to be paired with a National Board Certified Teacher and benefit from having first-hand accomplished teaching experience from the field. These NBCT Educational Leaders can engage in a reciprocal learner-leader model of engagement, which has been shown to demonstrate positive benefits to both the early career teacher, and the teacher leader.

Professional Teacher

These are teachers with at least three years of teaching experience and who have demonstrated the ability to positively impact student learning and growth, and who regularly engage in professional learning opportunities. They are provided support through the schools, local school districts, the state, and national associations. The Institute offers opportunities for professional teachers to engage in ongoing professional learning through our partnerships with local and state organizations. These opportunities provide high quality, differentiated support tailored to the unique needs of teachers.

Board Certified Teacher

These are teachers with at least three years of teaching experience who are in pursuit of achieving certification as a National Board teacher and demonstrate competence as an accomplished teacher. Standards-based evidence is the core of the certification process and requires that teachers provide documentation; grounded and aligned with the Five Core Propositions, of the positive impact they have on student learning. The Institute offers a scholarship reimbursement program up to 100 candidates in each of the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years. Preference will be given to candidates in the high-needs domains of STEM, English as a New Language, and Exceptional Needs. Candidates at this level also benefit from the Institute’s Match Program, partnership events and professional learning opportunities, and differentiated component support.

Educational Leader

These are teachers who have attained status as a National Board Certified Teacher and are working to improve and support accomplished teaching throughout their school, district, and state. Through engagement with the Institute, NBCTs have the opportunity to mentor pre-service and novice teachers, model what the Five Core Propositions looks like, and facilitate learning of professional teachers and candidates. Opportunities also exist to lead Component Seminars and engage as part of a leadership team. Finally, Educational Leaders have opportunity to transform policy and practice at all levels of engagement.

For additional information about the various intersections of the teacher career continuum, please see the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

National Board Certification

Looking for more information about getting board certified, or learning about what teachers should be able to do? We’ve got you covered.

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